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Sincerely thanks to all walks of life who give great support and concerns to China National Chemical Engineering No.14 Construction Co., Ltd.

China National Chemical Engineering No.14 Construction Co., Ltd. is a vigorous construction service company which inherits the best tradition of capital construction army. Adhering to the enterprise spirits of “Unity, Dedication, Honor and Innovation” and the quality policy of “Thriving for intensive management, optimum products and services”, we will devote to creating and achieving efficient management mode, commit to the improvement and innovation of service in the construction field, build a highly competent elite team and supply excellent works with great enthusiasm.

As a popular saying goes, achievements comes from hard work while success depends on forethought and full consideration. We will always do our utmost to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the economic development of the country, whole society and benefiting all our staffs with the adherence of scientific development outlook, aggressive attitude, innovative spirit and pragmatic work style.


                                                                                       Mr. Zhang Chuanyu

Chairman of the Board & General Manager