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  China National Chemical Engineering No. 14 Construction Co., Ltd. (CNCEC No. 14) was established in 1966, formerly named as 00811 Group of Chinese Liberation Army for capital construction. It was the only professional force engaged in petrochemical construction and was once granted the order of commendation by the State Council. It is the wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd, which is directly under the supervision of SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) of the State Council. The headquarter is located in Nanjing, a six dynasties ancient capital in Jiangsu Province. CNCEC No. 14 possesses many qualifications including the General Contracting Grade A for Construction Engineering, the General Contraction Grade A for Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Construction, the General Contracting Grade A for Municipal Utilities Engineering Construction, the General Contracting Grade A for Mechanics & Electricity Installation; as well as professional qualifications for steel structure engineering, piping engineering, fire facilities engineering, environmental engineering and engineering maintenance, etc. It have the direct business right for overseas. The company now has been evaluated as “National High and New Technology Enterprise and is recognized by Nanjing People