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Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group Visited Our Company

Author:   Date:2016/7/22

                July 22, Zhang Jin’e, the deputy general manager of Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group, Xu Fanghong, the business manager and the team visited our company for inspection. Shi Jian Ming, deputy general manager, Zhu Xianwei, the assistant director of business department made and enthusiastic reception.
                Firstly, Mr. Zhang introduced the total development of sunflower Pharmaceutical Group, the investigation and study of the main issues for the upcoming Jilin Linjiang pharmaceutical engineering project. Mr. Shi introduced the company's establishment, changes, achievements and development, as well as the performance of the company in recent years, and played the company's promotional film.
                Subsequently, Fanhui, the Northeast Company manager made a PPT presentation, showing the performance of the construction of the company in the pharmaceutical industry and mechanical and purification of construction technology, machinery and equipment, human resources, and made detailed report.
                Mr. Zhang and the team visited the Huajian Building, which is in the construction, and the new production base, accompanied by Mr. Shi and the team. Finally, both sides expressed the hope that a further technical exchanges will be made on project construction site in the near future and cooperate wholeheartedly for the projects along river.


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