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Zhang Chuanyu, the President and General Manager, Attended the Comerstone Laying Ceremony of Tongrentang of Nanjing Project

Author:   Date:2016/10/26

              At 10:38 a.m. of Oct. 26, the comerstone laying ceremony of Nanjing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. New Edition GMP Upgrading Project, generally constructed by our company, was held. Zhang Chuanyu, the Predident and General Manager, and Li Jianxun, the Vice-general Manager, attended the ceremony on invitation.
              The total investiment of this project is 570 million. Phace Ⅰof the project consruciton and installaton project investments is about 108 million. The area of Phace Ⅰis 102,672㎡ and the total construction area is 67400㎡. It Includes: extract workshop (1), the former processing workshop, quality inspection offices, reagent library, tips, the porter (1, 2), nest (one to four), machine power workshop, comprehensive preparation workshop (1) and integrated warehouse, terminal foundation engineering, main structure, building roof and building hydropower engineering construction project.

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